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HPE MSA 2060 SAN Storage

The HPE MSA 2060 Storage is a flash-ready hybrid storage solution for small and remote office installations that provides hands-free, cheap application acceleration. Don't be fooled by the low price. It offers a unique blend of simplicity, versatility, and advanced functionality that you wouldn't expect from an entry-level array. Start small and grow up as required with any combination of solid state discs (SSDs), high-performance computers, and other high-tech components.
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Product Specification - HPE MSA 2060 SAN Storage

  • Capacity
    921.6 TB with SFF expansion / 2036.16 TB with LFF expansion (with maximum expansion)
  • Host interface
    8-ports 16Gb FC, 4 ports per controller
  • Storage controller
    (2) HPE MSA 2060 16Gb FC storage controllers, 4-ports each
  • Clustering support
  • SAN backup support
  • Storage mirroring support
  • Systems Insight Manager support
  • Form factor

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