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Infome offers a wide range of document Scanners and smart card readers for different types of cards and uses. We are the lading supplies of OMNIKEY Readers, IDEMIA Morpho Smart Card Readers and Gemalto Readers in Dubai UAE, Middle East and Africa. These card readers are portable for direct connectivity with PC, Laptop and handheld devices and can read various RFID tags such as key fob tags, RFID wristbands, Jewelry tags, etc. and also LF, HF, UHF tags.

Smart card readers are easy to install and commonly used for access control, identification, and authentication.

OMNIKEY Card Reader

OMNIKEY readers are Contact, Single Frequency & Multi-Technology Readers

OMNIKEY readers are Logical access for the modern workplace. OMNIKEY devices support all relevant operating systems from all Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS. Certifications to all relevant industry standards including PC/SC, WHQL, USB CCID, EMV 2000, and Common Criteria ensure world-wide compliance and easy integration in any system.

IDEMIA MorphoSmart

IDEMIA offers a range of innovative technologies that can be used into multiple end-user applications – from biometric data acquisition to suspect identity checks by law enforcement officers, traveler identity verifications at border control checkpoints or voters identification during elections.

The MorphoSmart 1300 Series ( MSO 1350) is a range of compact biometric USB devices. They use Morpho’s patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, both acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of performance and their exceptional robustness. Morpho fingerprint technology is ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy.

The Morpho mso 1350 offers a reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification and user identification. Their match-on-device or match-on-card functions guarantee the faultless protection of information and the security of desktop applications.

Thales Gemalto card readers

Gemalto leverages new technologies to boost biometric matching performance whilst having environmental impact. Gemalto offers a range of document reader solutions that meet the demands of Travel, Border and Identity Management applications, enabling document verification and identity authentication in a simple and efficient manner. Gemalto readers are capable of reading Passports and other travel documents, Drivers licenses and IDs and eIDs.

Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE

Buy OMNIKEY Readers, IDEMIA Morpho Smart Card Readers and Gemalto Readers in uae, Dubai at best price. Infome is an authorized partner of OMNIKEY, IDEMIA Morpho and Gemalto Card Readers. We are the leading supplier of Card Readers in dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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