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With a server that meets your demands, you can take your company to the next level. Invest in a system that can handle today's workload while also expanding to accommodate future expansion to cut expenses and complexity. Infome is the Leading supplier of Lenovo Server in UAE, Middle East and Africa.
An IT department's worst enemy is legacy servers. These servers are notorious for being slow, inefficient, expensive, and increasingly sophisticated, and they just aren't designed for today's demands. To power GPU-accelerated applications today, you may need a SQL server or database server, as well as a cloud server to enable cloud hosting. So, if your company is starting to grow, it's probably time to replace your technology with a leading supplier of Lenovo Servers in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa.
For large data centres and small organisations, we built our Lenovo server line with cheap setup costs, reduced complexity, and easy scalability in mind. With rack server, tower server, blade server, and even more advanced mission critical server and high-density server solutions, we offer a better approach to the standard server form factor. The main places that we supply the Lenovo server is in Dubai, UAE, Middle east, Africa and all other GCC countries. Infome provide you the best range of Lenovo servers such as

  • Lenovo ThinkSystem ST50 Server
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem ST550 Tower Server
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Server

  • Lenovo Tower servers

    For small businesses and larger institutions, Lenovo tower servers combine high performance with low cost. These highly reliable and whisper-quiet servers are ideal for office environments due to their small form factor. Tower servers are ideal for use as an exchange server, data storage server, or file server in a remote office because they are simple to set up and don't require hours of manual labour. Your team can feel good about conserving energy and lowering overhead because it was designed to be highly energy-efficient. Infome delivers all rage of Tower servers in dubai, UAE.

    Lenovo Rack servers

    Lenovo rack servers offer high value in a compact, well-organized package. These servers are scalable and expandable, and they can handle the majority of data centre workloads. Our rack servers are ideal for medium to large businesses that are scaling and need to meet mission-critical requirements. For your business needs, the vast memory and storage capacity should be more than enough. Infome delivers all rage of Rack servers in dubai, UAE.

    Lenovo Blade servers

    Blade servers from Lenovo are the most advanced servers available today. Our blade servers, which are the workhorses of the server market, are designed to streamline operations and save as much space as possible. A Lenovo blade server has up to 80% more density than a standard rack server, allowing it to be more effective while taking up less space. With on-board networking and dense memory deployments, blade servers can be the foundation for your on-premise cloud server or virtualization server environment. Infome delivers all rage of Blade servers in dubai, UAE

    Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE

    Buy Lenovo Servers & Storage in Dubai at best price. Infome is an authorized partner of Lenovo. We are the leading supplier of Lenovo Servers in Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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