Infome Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Shared Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions To Help You Out
  • Server & Storage

  • Which is the best affordable server?
    You can choose HPE servers. HPE delivers a full range of server solutions to meet your most demanding needs. Get the best server that can meet all your requirements without spending too much money, which is HPE servers.
  • How do HPE servers compare to other server brands in terms of performance and security?
    For the best performance and security, HPE is expanding its line of the most secure industry-standard servers in the world with the AMD EPYC processor.
  • Which server is more appropriate for business purposes?
    HPE Proliant servers provide excellent performance and comprehensive infrastructure, which is essential for business growth and achieving corporate goals.
  • How do HPE servers compare to other server brands in terms of efficiency and reliability?
    In order to reduce the energy costs and carbon footprint of every business, HPE servers are designed to be energy-efficient and features like redundant power supplies, RAID arrays, and built-in data protection procedures to assure business continuity, HPE servers are made to be extremely reliable and resilient.
  • Why is Infome the Best Place to Buy HPE Servers in Dubai?
    Being an authorized partner of HPE, Infome is the best place to buy HPE servers at the best price in Dubai, UAE, and Abu Dhabi.
  • Which major HPE servers are available?
    Infome provides high-performance and high-quality HPE servers in Dubai, including HPE ProLiant DL, HPE ProLiant ML, and HPE MSA Storage.
  • What is HPE iLO?
    HPE iLO is an embedded intelligence incorporated into every HPE ProLiant server, allowing it to function right out of the box without the need for extra software, and providing vital remote management and control regardless of the server's state of operation.
  • What is new with HPE iLO?
    For ProLiant Gen9 Servers, HPE iLO has the following new features:
    End-users may discover hundreds of servers in seconds and manage multiple servers as easily as one with HPE iLO Federation, a major enablement feature.
    In the event that the iLO or HPE ProLiant hardware is not responding, the end-user can utilise the UID button to reset the iLO or HPE ProLiant hardware.
    During pre-boot, the Pre-Boot Health Summary is a basic diagnostic screen that displays 12 categories of key server data for diagnostics and HPE Support assistance.
    With a 4GB iLO NAND placed in the server, a 1 GB Embedded User Partition is available for additional use or storage.
    Through the iLO GUI, new agentless data is now viewable.
  • What is Intelligent Provisioning and what does it do?
    As the initial setup and OS deployment tool for ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 Servers, HPE Intelligent Provisioning is appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. Intelligent Provisioning can also be used for system maintenance.
  • Why choose DELL servers?
    Dell servers offer the reliability and performance you need to power your business forward. Dell servers have consistently proven themselves as reliable, high-performing, and scalable solutions that can meet the demands of modern enterprises.
  • Where can I find the best DELL servers in Dubai?
    Infome is the leading seller of Dell server in Dubai and UAE. We can help you choose the right Dell server for your needs by understanding your business requirements.
  • What services does Infome offer to assist you in selecting the best Dell server?
    We will consider factors such as the size of your business, the number of users, the type of applications you run, and your budget. We will then recommend the best Dell server for your needs.
  • How do DELL servers compare to other server brands in terms of performance and security?
    Dell servers come with robust security features to safeguard your data and protect against cyber threats. With powerful processors and advanced technologies, Dell servers deliver exceptional performance for demanding workloads.
  • What about Infomes customer support?
    We supply customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Our team of experts can help you install, configure, and maintain your server. We offer a 24/7 support hotline, so you can get help when you need it.
  • Which are the major DELL servers available in Dubai?
    Infome offer a wide range of Dell servers including Dell PowerEdge Server, Dell PowerEdge Rack and Dell PowerEdge Tower in Dubai, UAE.
  • What are the specialities of LENOVO servers?
    With cutting-edge technology and dependable reliability, Lenovo servers are built to perform well in challenging work situations. These servers deliver the ideal platform for every organization to succeed by focusing on security, energy efficiency, and smooth scalability.
  • Is it safe to use LENOVO servers?
    Lenovo servers include strong security capabilities to protect sensitive information and fight against cyber threats, ensuring compliance with industry requirements.
  • What about the performance of LENOVO servers?
    To handle heavy workloads efficiently, Lenovo servers are the best. These servers use cutting-edge CPU and memory technologies to assure smooth operations, whether you are running sophisticated apps, maintaining databases, or dealing with virtualization.
  • What are the supports and services provided by LENOVO?
    Lenovo provides a variety of support and service options, such as warranties and maintenance agreements, to ensure the peace of mind of organizations that rely on its server solutions.
  • Where can I buy the best LENOVO servers in Dubai?
    Being an authorized partner of LENOVO, Infome is the finest destination to buy LENOVO server in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East, and Africa at the best price.
  • Which are the major LENOVO servers?
    Infome provides high-performance and high-quality Lenovo server in Dubai, including various Lenovo Think System servers. We provide an improved alternative to the traditional server form factor, including rack server, tower server, blade server, and even more sophisticated mission critical server and high-density server solutions
  • ID Card Printers

  • Who is the leading supplier of ID card printers in the UAE?
    We are the leading supplier of ID card printers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Middle East, and Africa. Infome carries the widest selection of ID card printers, designed to meet any card printing need. We offer card printers from top brands such as HID Fargo, Entrust, Heidi, Zebra, Magicard, and Evolis at the best price.
  • Which are the retransfer printer models available in fargo?
    • HID Fargo HDP5000
    • HID Fargo HDP6600
    • HID Fargo HDP8500
  • what is the standard size of a credit card?
    All credit cards have a width of 3.37 inches (85.6 mm) and a height of 2.125 inches (53.98 mm). Because it is considerably more convenient for businesses to engage with them, all credit cards have a common size.
  • Will my Evolis printer tell me when it requires cleaning?
    Yes, When a clean is required, Evolis printers will notify you. The frequency varies each printer, but Evolis recommended that a cleaning cycle be performed every time a ribbon is replaced.
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