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Ubnt USW Aggregation

The UniFi 8-Port 10G SFP+ Managed Aggregation Switch from Ubiquiti Networks will increase the speed, capacity, and availability of your network. This small managed Layer 2 switch supports high-bandwidth connectivity and has eight 10G SFP+ ports, which makes it perfect for aggregation switching to any UniFi device that uses different interconnect topologies. The Aggregation Switch has a rack mountable design, steel structure, a fanless design, a 160 Gb/s switching capacity, and a 119.04 Mpps forwarding rate. A 1.3" touchscreen with augmented reality switch management is included on the front panel of the device for quick and simple port identification. For network device configuration, management, and monitoring, use the UniFi Network Controller platform. All new Ubiquiti USW - Aggregation is now on Infome at the Best Price. Buy now at the Best Offer.

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