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Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key UCK G2 PLUS

With pre-installed UniFi Network and Protect software and an upgradeable, 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive, the Cloud Key Plus (UCK G2 Plus) is a small, powerful UniFi OS Console (HDD). The new multi-application UCK G2 Plus lets you manage multiple UniFi devices at once. With UniFi's Protect and Network smartphone apps, the UCK G2 Plus can be rapidly set up and deployed. Review succinctly presented real-time network and device data on the console's front panel display, and use the built-in battery to protect your entire UniFi system from unexpected power outages. With the 1 TB HDD that comes with your camera, you can increase its security and recording retention, or you can easily upgrade to a compatible 5 TB model for longer storage retention. For Best Offers Contact Us right now.

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