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Ubiquiti Networks (USW PRO 48 POE)

The second-generation UniFi Pro PoE 48-Port Gigabit Managed PoE Network Switch with SFP+ from Ubiquiti lets you grow your company's network while being fully managed. The 48-port Gigabit switch, which supports Layer 3 protocol, is passively cooled and has a total power budget of 600W distributed across 40 32W PoE connectors and 8 64W PoE++ ports for power-hungry devices like high-resolution network security cameras. Each port has a 176 Gb/s switching capacity, a 130.94 Mpps forwarding rate, and an 88 Gb/s non-blocking throughput. When employing suitable devices, there are four additional 10 Gb/s SFP+ ports available for network expansion. Using the 1.3" touchscreen display or the UniFi Network Controller program, administrators may access and set up the switch and any connected devices. All new Ubnt USW-Pro-48-POE is now on Infome at the Best Price. Buy now at the Best Offer

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