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Ubiquiti Networks' next-generation Ethernet Surge Protector, model ETH-SP-G2. The ETH-SP-G2 is a microcontroller. A low-cost solution for shielding outdoor Ethernet devices from electrostatic discharge and surges. The ETH-SP-G2 is designed to protect Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or non-PoE devices with up to 1 Gbps connection speeds. Maximum equipment compatibility is provided by two passive, surge-protected RJ45 connections. The Ubiquiti Networks Ethernet Surge Protector 2nd Generation protects your outdoor non-PoE and PoE-based systems from voltage threats like surges and electrostatic discharge events, which can render an entire network system inoperable. This guard is appropriate for use with surveillance cameras, access points, and other Ethernet-enabled devices. It has two surge-protected Ethernet ports that support Gigabit connection speeds, according to Ubiquiti Networks. Furthermore, an external housing protects the Ethernet ports and surge protector from the elements.
ESD protection is built into all Ubiquiti airMAX devices. However, installing the ETH-SP-G2 is required to protect outdoor devices and to meet certain local code requirements. Infome is the leading distributor of Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Ethernet Protectors throughout Middle East & Africa, mainly across Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE where the head office of Infome is located. Buy your Ubiquiti from Infome at the Best Price ever.

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