Suprema Attendance & Access Control

Suprema Bioentry R2

Suprema BioEntry R2 is a centralised access control system-specific compact RFID card and fingerprint reader. BioEntry R2 features high-definition fingerprint picture capture, minutiae extraction, and dual-frequency multi-RF card reading in a small, mullion-style design.
BioEntry R2, when used in conjunction with Suprema's intelligent biometric controller, the CoreStation, completes a biometrics-driven access control system with increased simplicity and security of a centralised system topology.
Suprema BioEntry R2 is a Compact RFID card & Fingerprint Reader. Buy Suprema BioEntry P2 in Dubai at the best price. Infome is an authorized partner of Suprema. We deliver all ranges of Suprema's face scanner and Suprema's fingerprint scanners in UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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