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Mikrotik RB760iGS (hEX S)

A five port Gigabit Ethernet router called hEX S is designed for use in places where wireless connectivity is not necessary. The final port of the hEX S has a PoE output in addition to an SFP port, which it shares with the hEX. It is reasonably priced, compact, and simple to operate, but it also has a very strong two core 880 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM, enabling it to support all the sophisticated configurations that RouterOS provides. The device has a 1.25Gbit/s SFP cage, a USB 2.0 port, and an Ethernet port #5 PoE output. Other passive PoE-capable devices can be powered by port #5 with the same voltage that is applied to the unit.
The Dude server package and IPsec hardware encryption (470 Mbps) are supported, and a microSD slot on it offers faster r/w speeds for file storage and Dude. For getting your MTik RB760iGS (hEX S) at the Best Price with Great Offer contact us right now.

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