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Invixium IXM Touch

Invixium IXM Touch is an Interactive, All-in-One Biometric Device. Touch 2 now performs face recognition using it’s 5MP Camera. With a 1:N user capacity of 5000 users, this licensed upgrade converts Touch-2 a truly touchless device.
The SecuGenOptical Fingerprint Sensor is one of two fingerprint sensor alternatives for TOUCH 2. It's ideal for inside, predictable situations like workplaces, data centres, and residential buildings. This sensor captures fingerprints through optical scanning and does it in less than a second thanks to the TOUCH 2's memory and processing speed. This sensor is designed to withstand scratches and collect high-quality images, lowering the number of false matches and rejections.
Invixium IXM Touch is now with face recognition. Buy Invixium IXM Touch in Dubai at the best price. Infome is an authorized partner of Invixium. We deliver all ranges of Invixium products in UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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