Invixium Attendance & Access Control

Invixium IXM Merge

The New and Improved Fingerprint Biometric Tracking Device. Features
Corning Gorilla Glass : Provides exceptional performance and protection due to its durability, toughness and scratch resistance.
2.0” IPS Capacitive Touchscreen : The 2.0” touchscreen can be used for PIN access, enrollment from the device and function key inputs.
LEDs: The multicolor LEDs provide visual aids to output events. The colors for various events can be configured from IXM WEB.
FBI Certified Optical Sensor : The rugged, high image quality, FBI Certified fingerprint sensor from SecuGen is built upon patented technologies that allow rapid capture of clear fingerprint images.
Anti-Shock Vandal Protection : The built-in accelerometer helps alert any tampering.
PoE: One cable (CAT5/6) for power and communication makes installation fast and easy, and also lowers installation costs and maintenance.
Invixium IXM Merge is perfectly designed with Super Strong Protective Screen Cover. Buy Invixium IXM Merge in at the best price. Infome is an authorized partner of Invixium. We deliver all ranges of Invixium products in UAE, Middle East and Africa.

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