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DELL Precision 7820 Tower Workstation

Brainpower comparable to yours: Your most demanding applications are powered by the most recent Intel® Xeon® vPro® processor Scalable Family. With up to 28 cores per CPU (or up to 56 cores when constructed with multiple processors) and a new generation of dual-socket architecture, you can get the most performance for your grandest vision. Peak Performance: Up to 10th Gen Intel®CoreTM and Xeon®vPro® processors provide organizations with the performance, manageability, built-in security features, stability, and Intel® architecture, all of which are in line with a roadmap that is future-proof. Speed up each project: This memory expandable system offers up to 768GB of 2933 MHz RDIMM memory, enabling you to run your applications as quickly as possible and obtain results in real time. Eliminate distractions by concentrating on your tasks at the workstation that is now even quieter. A
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