Why You Need a SUNMI Desktop POS System for Business in Dubai

Why You Need a SUNMI Desktop POS System for Business in Dubai

SUNMI is the leading manufacturer of the most reliable POS systems that are efficient in meeting every business requirement. Their commitment to bringing smart solutions to businesses helps them stand out as the best POS system manufacturer. Businesses of every size can build an interconnected world by bringing digital transformation to their operations with the best point-of-sale solutions.

SUNMI produces and provides highly efficient desktop POS systems that work on the Android OS. The T series, D series, and S series are the three different variants of SUNMI desktop POS terminals. These POS terminals help store owners improve their operation and efficiency with solutions integrating various devices and smart systems. Let's get to know why businesses need POS systems in Dubai.


The D Series is a purpose-built SUNMI Android desktop POS system that is specially designed for those who run start-ups and entrepreneurs to enable them to achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank. D-series POS terminals have a very user-friendly design that meets industrial standards and professional-grade performance. It integrates the unique SUNMI design DNA and professional performance, and it makes the D series desktop POS terminal appropriate for meeting the daily operational needs of any store. You can ensure sustaining growth in your business with SUNMI D series Android desktop POS systems, which simplify operations inside the store.

Desktop POS Terminals Under D Series

  • D2s
  • D2s Lite
  • D2s Combo
  • D2s Mini
  • D2s KDS
  • D2s Plus
  • D2s Plus Combo


  • SUNMI D series desktop POS terminals are specially designed for commercial scenarios and comprise a display, printer, keyboard, and cash drawer in one.
  • Can be used in canteens, snack carts, wholesale, groceries, etc.
  • 1 + 1 displays to facilitate the use of staff and customers with dual displays
  • Oil-proof and water-resistant; operable with wet hands or hands with gloves on
  • The amount received, payment QR code, and advertisement can be displayed on this screen, which can be visible for both users and customers.
  • Consist of a high-speed printer to print at 160 mm/s, which shortens the waiting time.
  • Payment can be done through QR code scanning or using a member card with NFC.
  • Enables easy checkouts
  • The 3W speaker broadcasts in high volume, ensuring no omission in payment receiving even in noisy environments.


Renowned for exceptional performance and unparalleled technology, the SUNMI T-series Android Desktop POS system stands as an industrial leader in POS terminals in Dubai. Because, Dubai's fast-moving business scenario needs such a reliable POS system for business growth. These T series POS terminals are industry-leading, award-winning desktop POS terminals, making them perfect for business owners seeking high performance and rapid business growth. These are all-in-one Android POS terminals to cater to the diverse needs of various customers. Sunmi T series Android desktop POS terminals transform all traditional methods of business operations and ensure smoother processes inside and outside the organization.

Desktop POS Terminals Under T Series

  • T2s Lite
  • T2s Mini
  • T2s
  • T2
  • T3 Pro Series


  • T-series desktop POS terminals are best for use in various business industries such as retail, petrol stations, convenience stores, etc. to help employees handle all their work well.
  • It has a clear display effect and a wide viewing angle, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • For overseas demanders, an optional tax control module is provided.
  • You can download safe but free commercial applications that were proven by SUNMI for use in different business scenarios.
  • Faster print speed and more stable print quality while receipt/barcode printing
  • Enhanced safety & stability Various types of QR codes' scanning is possible by the code scanning window, with a maximum identify speed of less than 0.03 second/code.
  • Its built-in large memory enables customers to store more promotional photos, videos, advertisements, files, etc.

SUNMI is the leading brand in providing high-quality desktop Android POS systems. POS systems from SUNMI are exceptionally made with precision and perfection to meet diverse sectors' every requirement. D series and T series are the most popular POS terminals offered by SUNMI, and they are easy to use and perfect for meeting industry demands. Infome Technologies is a renowned and most popular supplier of SUNMI Desktop POS terminals in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Africa, and the Middle East. If you are planning to enhance your business growth, we are just a call away to give you the best POS in UAE, Dubai.