A Joyous Christmas at Infome Dubai and Kochi

A Joyous Christmas at Infome Dubai and Kochi

Christmas is the season of joy, love, laughter, and cherished moments. At Infome Technologies, the true spirit of this season brought joyous moments as our workplace transformed into a festive place where Christmas scents buzzed around. Beyond the everyday tasks and deadlines, our offices in Dubai and Kochi were adorned with colorful moments.

It all started with decorating our offices. When thinking about Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree is a must, and we placed a sparkling Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights and catchy ornaments, which was the center of attention on Christmas celebration day, and the queue of people taking pictures with the Christmas tree was longer than Santa's beard. With collective effort and by hanging colorful lights all around, magical stars, tinsel, baubles, and tiny Santa figurines, we made our offices vibrant, merry, and bright.

The day was filled with surprising moments as well as joy and excitement in everyone’s hearts. Everyone dressed up in a color theme of red and white, a usual theme of the Christmas season. The anticipation for gifts from secret Santas got to the end when secret Santas' reveals came, and everyone’s excitement was at its peak. The moment they open their gifts, the joyous expressions on everyone’s faces bring smiles and a sense of unity to our hearts.

With these surprising events, we added a touch of fun to our day with funny and cute games and activities. It was a wonderful time when we created everlasting memories of togetherness and team spirit beyond work tasks. These games and activities brought a competitive yet joyous spirit among us. A Christmas celebration without a cake is nothing. We cut plum cake and shared it with each other with the sweetness of love and unity. As we embark on a new year, the memories we created on the day will last forever, reminding us of the spirit of unity and love beyond boundaries and seas, defines Infome Technologies.

More than a day of celebration of the season, it is all about coming together as a family to celebrate moments of joy and inbounded friendship. At Infome, we are not just colleagues, we are a family that celebrates, supports, and loves each other. This unity brings quality to the work and service of each one of us, and there are more moments of joy and hard work in the coming days.