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These mic pods produce crystal-clear, natural conversational sound and boast a stylish, low-profile design and superior materials. Each individual pod has a variety of beamforming components to isolate speech from outside noise. Deploy more microphone pods in larger spaces to extend the beamforming mic matrix there. In spaces with long tables, mic pods can be daisy-chained for complete coverage. The Rally Mic Pod Hub accessory offers three connectors for ideal location and to put the mute control within easy reach for U-shaped tables or single-wire cabling through grommets.
Thanks to the union of advanced technology and robust build quality, Rally Mic Pods deliver both remarkable range and exquisite sensitivity. Thoughtful materials resist fingerprints and stains, while a color-coded LED icon provides clear visual confirmation when muted. Infome is the leading supplier of all Logitech RALLY MIC POD, Buy your Rally Mic Pod at the Best Price.

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